Frequently Answered Question

We in Cumbuco Car Rental company think that the FAQ page is one of the most useful parts of our website. We hope that this FAQ page can make your decision much easier.

How do you calculate the fee for car rental?

The fee is calculated on a daily basis. If you return the car inside 72 hours, we will charge you for 3 days.If you return the car a minute after that we will charge you for 4 days. Daily price of car rental means 24 hours from the moment you sign the car rental contract until 200km passed. Every next km is charged by the standard Pricebook.

Do I get a full gas tank or not?

You always get empty gas tank.

Can I rent a car when I am 18 years old?

Yes you can. In Brazilian laws that is allowed.

Do you have any caution or advice about using car rental?

Please obey the traffic rules, drive safely and you can read our car rental guide or info page.

Can I change the terms of the contract during my car rental period?

When you change your schedule, please contact Cumbuco Car Rental in advance. We will check if it is possible. Maybe we will not be able to do that depending on the booking schedules of other customers.

If I have an accident what should I do in that case?

Please follow this procedure, it is in your interest.

  • Move your car to a safe place.
  • If there are injured persons, please help them.
  • Report your accident to the police on 197.
  • Check the condition of third parties in the accident.
  • Then Report the accident to Cumbuco Car Rental.

*Please DO NOT negotiate with third parties, no matter whatever they claim. Otherwise insurance will not cover your accident.

If I cancel your service, will you charge me from my deposit for that?

Yes. You can look at our cancelation fees in the price page.

Can I drive your car on sand and dunes?

No, it is not allowed to drive on sand and dunes. You can rent a buggy or a 4×4 (Toyota or Mitsubishi) from us and then you can enjoy driving on the beach, sand and dunes.

Do I have to have an international drivers licence to rent a car from you?

No you don’t. In Brazil you can use a drivers licence from your country.

If I want to return a vehicle, after working hours, how much will it cost me?

It is free. You can return the car when you want and we won’t charge you extra money.

Do I have to pay insurance when I rent a car?

No, every car has insurance.

Can I pay with credit card or must I pay with cash?

You can pay in both ways. To rent a car the credit card must be on your name and there are some extra bank fees that make 10% of the total car rental price. Also if you pay by cash, some identifications are needed.

Your FAQ is great, but what if I need more help?

If you are looking for more detail, please be free to contact us. Or, maybe you would just like to learn a little more about us?

If you want to find more questions on our FAQ page, please feel free to send them to us.