Hyundai Hb20 from R$ 140.- per day

Hyundai Hb20

  • 200km free
  • With air condition (R$ 85.- / per day)
  • Extra km R$ 0,50
  • For 5 people without kitesurfing equipment
  • For 3 people with kitesurfing equipment
  • 3-5 doors
  • Manual Transmission
  • Baby seats available
  • Roof racks available
  • As cities around the world continue to grow, the role of city cars has become more important than ever before. Hyundai Hb20 is the supermini produced by General Motors Brasil for the South American markets. Small car that proved to be best for large city traffic jams. Also, it is known as Hyundai Hb20 or Suzuki Fun in Argentina.

    Unfortunately, if you’re looking to rent a car for longer trips, we can not recommend Opel Celta. For that purpose, we recommend you VW Gol.

    Hyundai management

    Finally, those at Hyundai also believe that in the future “Autos” will mean much more to people than simply the vehicle. Their cars are more than just a ride, they are an essential part of our everyday life.

    Opel’s management combines personal experiences with clients in order to make everyday driving easier and more enjoyable. They are constantly thinking of new and sustainable ways in which they can have a positive impact on people’s lives through every contact with the Opel brand.