Rent a Toyota Hilux 4×4 from R$ 350

Toyota Hilux

  • 200km free
  • With air condition
  • Extra km R$ 1,00
  • For 5 people without kitesurfing equipment
  • 4 doors
  • Manual Transmission
  • Baby seats available
  • Toyota Hilux is incredibly durable and strong. It is very spacious and useful when we need space for luggage. With its high ground clearance, robust suspension and superb off-road capabilities, this pickup is unstoppable. Its rugged chassis gives it incredible strength and endurance. Toyota has sold more than 13 million of this model, as far back as early 1968. In all these years, he deserved the title of pick up that can break through the most inaccessible regions of the planet. If you want this to be your vehicle for days spent in Cumbuco – book it today.

    Top Gear hardly wanted to destroy this car in their highly watched car show, but simply they couldn’t, despite so many attempts. And out of respect for this car, they chose him for their world record-breaking drive to the North Pole.

    About Toyota

    Toyota is one of the world’s largest car manufacturers, with sales of over 7.8 million vehicles on five continents in 2009th.

    They sticks to one motto – Nothing is so good it could not be better.

    That’s why they continually strive to be better at everything they do. This is not just a motto or slogan they use for advertising, and then forget about it. It is simply the way they work. Because they have the word “kaizen”. It means “continuous improvement” and is a basic principle that guides them towards achieving their goal of total quality. Also, Toyota regularly achieves outstanding results in the Euro NCAP safety-related tests.

    Toyota Hilux is a car that will never leave you on the road