Here we will give you a brief information that you might need for your trip to Brazil, with emphasis on the area of Fortaleza. If you look for information about rent a car, please look our car rental guide.


Fortaleza Airport Information

Fortaleza Airport
Fortaleza Pinto Martins Airport
Geographical location: 3° 46′ 34″ South, 38° 31′ 57″ West
IATA code: FOR

Fortaleza Airport
Av.Senador Carlos Jereissati 3.000
Bairro Serrinha
Fortaleza – CE (Ceara)

+55 85 3477 1200

Distances from Fortaleza

Distances from Fortaleza
  • Barra Nova 60km
  • Uruau 70km
  • Parajuru 120km
  • Canoa Quebrada 160km
  • Cumbuco 40km
  • Taiba 65km
  • Paracuru 90km
  • Laghoinha 125km
  • Guajiru 140km
  • Flecheiras 150km
  • Mundau 170km
  • Beleia 175km
  • Icaraizinho 225km
  • Ilhja do Guajuru 250km
  • Prea 280km
  • Jericoacoara 320km
  • Parnaiba 480km

  • Currency in Brazil

    „Real“ R$ is the currency in Brazil and the ISO code is BRL. The main currency is divided into 100 centavos

    Brazilian currency - Real
    Brazilian currency in coins

    Historical exchange rate in past few years BRL/USD

  • 4 Aug 2008: 1.560
  • 22 Jul 2011: 1.554
  • 18 Mar 2012: 1.799
  • 19 Aug. 2012: 2.015
  • 24 Dec. 2012: 2.078
  • Dollars, Euros and other currency can be exchanged at banks, authorized hotels and travel agencies. The exchange rate is published every day in newspapers. In this link – Yahoo Currency Exchange Converter you can see todays rates.

    Fuel prices in Brazil

  • Unleaded rate 0,95-1,06 euros.
  • Diesel rate around 0,79 euros.
  • Brazilian Passports/Visa Information

  • Each traveler must complete their own Visa Application Form, including children under 18.
  • Visas are granted by the Brazilian consulates. Visitors from some countries need visas, and from some don’t.
  • Business travelers to Brazil must present documentary evidence of the activities to be performed in said capacity
  •    during their stay. Otherwise they will receive the same treatment as Brazil tourists.
  • For entry into Brazil your passport must beat least six months valid from the date of your visa application.

  • For more information about visa you can check official institutions:
    German citizens check or
    U.S. citizens check
    Austrian citizens check

    Time zones in Brazil

  • Time in Brazil is a little bit complicated as Brazil spans across three major timezones. Fortaleza is UTC –03.00h.
  • For other parts of Brazil you may look in a Wikipedia article about Brazil time zones.

    Traffic in Brazil

  • Drives car on the right side of the road.
  • In this link you can find toll rates (in portuguese).
  • Language

  • Portuguese is the official, and most widely spoken language. Less common languages are Spanish, Italian,
  •     German, English and a large number of minor Amerindian languages.
  • Emergency numbers

  • Fire Department 193.
  • Civil Defense 199.
  • Civil Police 197.
  • Military Police 190.
  • First Aid 192.