Traffic in the Brazil (World cup)Key construction works on the new airport terminals throughout Brazil do not take place on time, and probably will not be completed until the beginning of the World Cup, experts warn. Football fans who come to Brazil should be prepared for infinitely long lines, changes at the last minute and delay flights. Officials acknowledge that the works will not be completed at key airports until 13 June, when the World Cup begins, while the reconstruction completed on only two of the 13 major airports.

Brazil shall visit 600,000 tourists for the time of this football championships, and another three million Brazilians will travel to matches, and responsible officials fear it will come to a complete collapse of the traffic. Also, automated monitoring of luggage will not be ready in time.

Airports are particularly important in Brazil because the country does not have a developed system of railways, and almost all traffic between remote regions must be done by air. “In no other world championship aviation did not have such a crucial role, given the large number of host cities, the great distance between them and the lack of alternative transportation options,” said Tony Tyler, chief executive of the International Association of Air Traffic. “The twelve host cities are responsible for the 75 percent of passenger traffic in Brazil, so it is clear that before this country an enormous task.”

Host cities are:

  1. Rio de Janeiro
  2. Brasilia
  3. Belo Horizonte
  4. Cuiaba
  5. Fortaleza
  6. Sao Paulo
  7. Salvador
  8. Curitiba
  9. Porto Alegre
  10. Manaus
  11. Recife
  12. Natal

Brazilian airlines say they are ready for the challenges of increased traffic during the World Cup, and The local association of airlines says it will be organized additional flights and that will improve the functionality of the airport.

“I think there will not be the chaos,” says Gesner Oliveira, a professor of Getulio Vargas Foundation in Sao Paulo. “It will not be perfect, it will probably be unpleasant situation, because there will not be time to test everything, but it will be bearable.”

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