Brazil tourismBrazil is perhaps the largest country in the world about which most people know very little.

However, this began to change in the past ten years, after for some wealth increased and thus helped that 50 percent of the population find in the middle class. Of that number, 40 million are on the list of the middle class came from 2004th and 2010th year, and all under the rule of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

But the success was accompanied by problems.

June’s mass demonstrations over economic inequality and chronic dissatisfaction with the federal government merged the poor and middle class and discovered a disturbing social reality. However, if there is at least one thing for which Brazil is known around the world, then that’s his friendly and energetic population.

Given that Brazil hosted the World Cup in football this year and host the 2016 Olympic Games, it is time for a short course about Brazil.

In Brazil there is no introverted person

It is a vibrant culture that can get you out of your shell, to help you to relax and enjoy the best time of your life. You can count on an increased number of decibels. Brazilians love to express themselves and do not skimp on the strength with which doing that. This is true not only for the conversation, but the car horns, TV commentators and trucks with 16 speakers from where loudly advertise commercials as it passes through the neighborhood.

English is not widely

There is a small number of Brazilians who speak English, especially outside of Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paolo. Tradition in a country where education is still at the bottom of the priority list is a good education in Portuguese. However, Brazilians are very hospitable and most will find a way to communicate.

Extraordinary fruit bars

Maybe because they are surrounded with so many types of exotic fruit for which rest of the world has never heard of, Brazilians are experts in creating a special delicious fruit drinks or Sucos. Simply, every other street in Rio has bars. Bars are also found in large cities like Fortaleza, Belo Horizonte, Salvador …, but also in small places and villages such as Caucaia, Cumbuco, Camocim, Mundau, Jericoacoara (Jericoacoara is must see place if you visiting Brazil -State of Ceará), etc. For example, the juice of graviola, evergreen plant native to Central and South America, is a great way to quench your thirst in the fierce heat. Pleasant, sweet flavor that compares with a combination of pineapple and strawberries with a creamy note reminiscent of coconut or banana. Brazilian banana is the finest in the world, is much superior to a mild version of bananas from Central America and is used for making delicious drink.

Brazil lives outside

From a sidewalk café, barbecue in the backyard, and the long beaches and wild interior, Brazil is the place to be outside. Brazilians enjoy the openness of the culture, as befits a tropical country, and they have a superb natural environment in which they enjoy. Beaches, jungles, waterfalls – it’s here often on an epic scale. One of the largest wetlands in the world, the Pantanal covers 70,000 square kilometers. It is located in southwestern Brazil and is home to 1,000 species of birds and 300 different mammals, from the South American tapir all the way to jaguar.

Partying is important

Brazilians are known for almost two largest world “party” – the famous Carnival and New Year’s Eve Revellion. But there are festivals in Brazil throughout the year thanks to the abundance of regional celebrations, cities that promote arts and a multitude of religious holidays. In Rio de Janeiro is often held free music festivals, while in Recife concerts are held in the open where they play all, from rock and forro (traditional Brazilian music, which includes more styles), up to performance in which meet all the drummers in town and playing in unison.

Kissing strangers is normal

Getting to know people in Brazil is a rapid process, which means that the Brazilians get to know as soon as possible and in the most direct way. Brazilians have a very easy way of entering into emotional space. For example, the custom is that when a man meets with an adult female, to kiss her on both cheeks, and on leaving, too.

Body language is as important as the Portuguese language. For example, men are not afraid to hug another man in an effort to further explain something to him. Putting a hand on the shoulder, a strong hug or salvo of air kiss is part of the social practices which result in welcoming “vibe” for visitors. So, when you visiting Brazil expect at least one big hug.

Piranha will not eat you if you fall in the Amazon

It is etched in the mind of every film lovers – a dangerous piranha feeding involves laceration of human flesh to the bone. However, things are not what they think they are. Piranhas live in large river basins of South America, and with them are richly populated tributaries of the Amazon. The truth is that they have large jaws that bite swimmers in rivers, but they will never bite to the bone.