There are two types of persons who would love to go on a wild safari vacation, first, those who are completely mesmerized with rare wildlife so much so that they would like to wake up among a group of lions just for that perfect shot.  And second those who are bored to such an extent by their daily routine that they have started questioning their own existence on this planet.  For both of these categories, a safari vacation is the perfect way to relax and engage themselves in the mystical world of wildlife. Just imagine the thrill of seeing a tiger catch his prey or observing a family of chimpanzees from a distance in a secluded forest.

While going on a wildlife safari vacation seems like an irresistible affair, it’s also quite expensive because of the hidden costs involved. That is why it’s important to sideline the areas where you would like to splurge and take note of the departments where you can save some quick bucks, ensuring that you don’t burn a hole in your pocket. So if you wish to spend some time in the natural habitat of animals, these are some of the golden tips that’ll help you save some money.

  • Time your travel: If you are going to travel during the high season, get ready to spend some big bucks as the demand far outweighs the supply in every discipline during this season. Try to book your travel deal just before the high season is about to begin, this way not only would you be able to catch rare wildlife in action, you can also save good money on everything from accommodation, transport to guide fees.
  • Book cheap airfares: How about saving some mint even before you land in the wild? Many airlines including premier carriers like US Airways offer cheap fares for travel to Africa provided you book in advance. So ensure that you book your tickets in advance to save valuable mint that can then be used to splurge on your vacation.
  • Travel in a group: One of the best ways to save money on safari vacations is by traveling in a group. Group travel entitles you to discounts on accommodation, transport, food and much more. So get a group of friends together before you are ready for a ride in Africa.

Remember, choosing the right destination can also help in preserving the sanity of your bank account. Usually countries like Kenya and Tanzania are much cheaper than stay in countries like Botswana. So based on your budget limit, choose the destination that best meets your needs.