honeymoonPlanning your honeymoon is equally important as planning a beautiful wedding. Once the wedding chaos stops and you both say “I do”, the real fun begins.

The honeymoon is the first marital trip and you should give yourself the luxury you deserve. Here are our 5 tips on how to organize a honeymoon.

Make sure you want the same thing

Before you plan it all out, it is very important that you sit down and together talk about what kind of journey you want. If you want to hide on a beach for weeks, and your partner wants a much more adventurous travel, there is a possibility that you travel separately. Either way, with a little compromise and good communication you will be able to find the ideal location for your honeymoon, together.

Inform yourself well

To make sure that you chose the best option for your honeymoon, take the time and research what location is the best for you. Read as much as you can on the top five most desirable destinations and see what each one has to offer. Read about the thought of previous guests and don’t hesitate to call the hotel yourself and ask what interests you.

Make it special with some romantic details

Don’t view your honeymoon as any other trip or vacation. It doesn’t matter where you decided to go, there are always things to make it more romantic – from a private helicopter and relaxing in spa centers, to a private cook and a beach reserved only for you…or even extend your stay in some modern hotel…No hesitation!

Be spontaneous

While you are planning every moment of your trip and making a long list of things you should do, it is important to leave space for a possible change of plans, activity, even prolonging the stay. You have prepared for months and weeks for your wedding, so don’t push yourself to hard on your honeymoon. Rest and let your responsibilities go down to laying on the beach with umbrella cocktails.

Don’t stress

It is natural to want your honeymoon to be perfect, but like every trip, there is always the possibility of something going wrong. Remember, the most important thing is that you had a beautiful wedding and that you are married to the love of your life. Unpack and relax!

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